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Visual Sense of Place

I don't live on the Strip. I rarely step foot in the casinos. Yet from my art this summer, one would think I'm a high roller. Au contraire.

I take clues of geographic location and combine them with colors representing climate and culture in hopes of creating visual sense of place. This awareness of my surroundings is the fuel behind each work of art. I try to center my mind in the present, and hone in on sensory details. What I'm seeing, what I'm hearing, touching, tasting, all have to be represented, otherwise the piece falls short. I want my work to conjure up what it feels like to be here. I want it to reek of my current reality: leather and neon, hot chilis and margaritas, airplanes, palm trees, dry desert air, LVAC and Roberto's.

Let's face it, Las Vegas enjoys a strong sense of identity primarily based on gambling. Where casinos represent a crazy weekend getaway full of chance to the visitor, they mean something very different to the locals. Jobs, commerce opportunity, artistic expression, strong economy, so many restaurants and a robust entertainment schedule, with loads of people-watching moments...this is MY Las Vegas. Never a dull moment, my western twinkle town can't help but stimulate creativity. I'm lucky to call it home.

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