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Low Stakes Art

Katie sat at the breakfast table, creating a drawing of everyone's chosen cloth napkins, and pairing them with their corresponding glassware. When I laughed and asked her what she was doing, she calmly replied "I'm warming up with some low-stakes art."


Art for the sake of loosening up, practicing, keeping her hands busy.

No other stress or expectations for it.

Deliberate usage of common materials, perhaps non-archival ink (yikes!), eliminating that guilt which comes from wasting supplies.

No outcome goal.

No plans of posting or showing.

Just doing. Experimenting. Letting it fly.

You don't have to love everything you make, nor do you have to invest a ton of time or emotion on every piece. How about indulging in some low-stakes art once in awhile? This certainly struck a chord with me, as I've fallen into the mindset of expecting an outcome with every piece I make.

Thanks for the inspiration, Katie Ball.

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